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Having been a part of the Richmond market since arriving in 2004, I have had the pleasure and opportunity to learn a great deal about this amazing city. So on this site it is my goal to provide you with knowledge of current market conditions, an insider's perspective of both Richmond and local construction styles, as well as some tricks of the trade I have picked up along the way.
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Master Suite Drawing of 2325 Wedgewood Ave

Historic Home Renovation 2325 Wedgewood Ave | Architect Interview (Video)

Historic Home Renovation at 2325 Wedgewood Ave | Architect Interview Interview with the Principal and Owner of Mario DiMarco Architects concerning his design of, and his thoughts on, the property at 2325 Wedgewood Ave. Find out more about the renovation and restoration of this charming 1940′s English Cottage style home in the Historic Bryan Park neighborhood of Richmond, Virginia […]

2325 Wedgewood Front Door

Richmond Historic Home Renovation at 2325 Wedgewood Ave (Video)

Richmond Home Renovation in Historic Bryan Park This upcoming video series will follow the renovation and restoration of a charming 1940′s English Cottage style home in the Historic Bryan Park neighborhood of Richmond, Virginia. The renovation will include a restoration of the home’s unique character traits along with a complete modernization , including updating and […]

VCU Master Real Estate Plan Richmond

5 Ways the VCU Master Plan Affects Richmond Real Estate

5 Ways the VCU Master Plan affects Richmond Real Estate. Last week I was able to attend a presentation which revealed the culmination of  the last 2 years of VCU working with consultants to re-develop their master plan. Rather than being a strategy of huge expansion (although it obviously includes growth), this updated plan is now […]

Libbie Mill Street View

Libbie Mill: New Staples Mill Development

Update: Site work has officially begun on the new Libbie Mill development on Staples Mill Rd! Construction should begun on the Southern Seasons food store within the coming weeks and it is expected to open in the Summer of 2014.   Gumenick’s 80- acre mixed use development originally known by the working title- “Staples Mill […]

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